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Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway Journeys visits Stalybridge Buffet Bar

Michael Portillo

Great British Railway Journeys is a documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the length and breadth of the country by train. Taking a copy of George Bradshaw’s Victorian Railway Guidebook, he discovers how the railways changed us and what of Bradshaw’s Britain remains. Episode 7 sees him visit the Buffet bar and sample our famous Black peas, served by the our lovely Nina


Stalybridge Buffet Bar named in the Mirrors Top 10 railway station bars

We’ve been named in the Mirrors Top 10 railway station bars that are well worth the train journey just for a visit, thank you @Kate Andrews




Vaporising and E-cigs

Vaporising and E-Cigs are no longer allowed to be smoked inside Beerhouses pubs. We know this may upset some of our customers however we have listened to our customers feedback over the last year and the majority of this has been that they do not like vaporising within the pub. So we have taken the decision to no longer allow Vaporising and E-CigsĀ inside the pubs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Stalybridge Buffet Bar has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellent.

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