THINK Huddersfield – Philosophy in Pubs

6 August 2018, 19:00 - 6 August 2018, 21:00

The Sportsman

Would you like to get together with other people for some stimulating discussions in a relaxed atmosphere?
A few of us have been inspired by the growing number of community based Philosophy in Pubs and Public Places. These groups started up in Liverpool and are now countrywide.
The discussions (community enquiries) are relaxed, with groups large enough to enjoy diverse opinions, yet small enough to allow each person time to put their views across. As a contributor you can schedule your own subjects for enquiry and debate or you can just turn up and listen to the thoughts of others. Everyone has philosophical thoughts and as a group we would like to hear yours – whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever they may be!
Respect for others and their opinions are a fundamental requirement of the group as it encourages people to put forward their views without fear of ridicule or intimidation. No academic or philosophical background is necessary, only a passion for enquiry.
For more details contact or call 07984 148203.

No need to book – just turn up on the night.

2018 Topics for Discussion
January 8th. What is the purpose of education?
February 5th. How important is solving equality? What could be more important?
March 5th. The rights of disabled people – are they progressing, stalling or regressing?
April 9th. Will technology stop us evolving by natural selection? Would that be a good thing?
May 14th. What social classes do the UK now have; and are some good and some bad?
June 4th. What can we do to practise critical reflection and rational dialogue? (Based on Richard Creel’s Thinking Philosophically).
July 2nd. Sport – who is it good for?
August 6th. Is love the meaning of life? If not, what is?
September 3rd. David Graeber shows how debt and bureaucracy grow and then crash repeatedly through history. How long will our present debts and bureaucracies last?
October 1st. How much does gender/sex matter?
November 5th. Which wars are just?
December 3rd. Which books have you found a) most important and b) most enjoyable


Admission: Free entry