COVID-19 – The rules, as we reopen.. (April 2021)

So as we gear up to welcoming you all back to that great institution of the pub we thought we’d just remind you of the rules that we have to abide by. We want to keep you safe, we want to open safely and we want you to enjoy the pub environment in a normal a manner as possible. Therefore we have to follow a few simple rules….

So what are the rules?

Masks – if you go inside the pub (e.g. to use the toilet) you got to wear one whilst we are in outside only trading, once we move to being able to trade inside you have to wear it if you stand up and move around. You don’t need it when sitting down ‘cos how you going to drink your drink wearing a mask!

Test & Trace – to help us protect the NHS everyone has to check-in via test and trace. The easiest and best way is via the NHS app, we’ll prompt you to do this and will have the QR code in an obvious position for you to check in. No app, no problem, we’ll provide with good old-fashioned paper & a sterilised pen to leave your details in a data protected way. Everyone has to check in we’re afraid.

Gathering & Groups – in outside only trading it is a maximum of 6 per group / table outside. All our tables are set-up at a safe distance and at a maximum of 6 seats, however if you’re two households of more than 6 then that’s allowed also. So if that’s you then please let us know and we’ll accommodate you where possible, please don’t move the furniture yourself though as we do have to confirm your households first. Once inside can open this will be the rule inside so again if you are two households of more than 6 let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you safely.

Seating – both inside and out it is the law that you must be seated for ordering, serving, consuming and paying for your food & drinks and the only reason to stand is to enter, leave or visit the toilets so I’m afraid we will be having to ask you to do this. We’ll have our super talented staff coming round and looking after you so please can you remain seated at all times; we don’t want to be having to tell you off do we!!!

Anyway, that is a basic summary of the rules but if you need more details or clarification please check out or your local councils website.



COVID-19 (Coronovirus) – updated March 2021

As you are probably aware the government has rolled out its 4 step roadmap to reopen following the latest COVID lockdown. As such we are making plans to reopen our pubs.

Like last time we aim to ensure a safe return to working for both our staff and for the pub and its customers we have produced the following. These will change and update as government guidance changes. However we are also desperate to give you all a great pub experience with the atmosphere that only a pub can provide.

The pubs will open as follow with dates provisional based on government advice.

West Riding & The Cricketers will open from 12th April daily. We will be offering a range of cask ales. Booking is not required.

Idle Beerhouse will open from Friday 16th April and be open on Fridays & Saturdays only. We are afraid there will be no cask ale available but we will have an exciting range of craft & packaged beers. Booking is not necessary but welcomed.

Stalybridge Buffet Bar & The Sportsman will not reopen on 12th April. We are looking at options for limited opening at weekends or for May Day weekend if there is demand and the weather is viable. Let us know if you are interested and we can gauge interest and looking at options.

The openings will be inline with government / legal guidelines and as such facemasks, using test & trace and following the rule of 6 will be mandatory.

We have updated our risk assessment and you can find it here: COVID RISK HSE 250321.docx