Delirium Day @ The Sportsman

1 December 2021, 12:00 - 31 December 2021, 0:00

The Sportsman

December 1st is Delirium Day at The Sportsman!
The official start of the festive season is Delirium Day…because nothing says Christmas more than pink elephants in Santa hats.
On Delirium day we release various vintages of Delirium Noel, a dark and strong Belgian beer brewed for the festive period.
2021 is our sixth annual Delirium Day and we have six vintages of Delirium Noel for your delectation.
Try this years edition for the fresh unadulterated Delirium Noel experience, the 2019 vintage has mellowed nicely, the fruit flavors coming to the fore, and 2016 vintage is as rich and developed as you would expect from a strong Belgian beer after years in our cellar. For the absolute smoothest expression we have the 2015 vintage. Super smooth, super rich and super special.