Doom over Dewsbury

22 April 2017, 13:00 - 23 April 2017, 2:00

The Old Turk

Brick Presents..

An all day FREE event on April 22nd showcasing twelve of the best underground Metal bands the north has to offer!



FOETAL JUICE (Manchester)

The undergrounds Death Metal Titans and the ‘Masters of Absurdity’. Foetal Juice offer a none stop onslaught of pulverising riffage, disgusting vocals, a relentless hammering of drums and enough ridiculous puns you’ll think you’re at some sort of twisted Jimmy Carr Grind gig. Bang your fucking heads.


With a sound as big as a herd of mammoth’s being taken down by Goliath himself, Battalion’s are sure to ruin your night.. We mean that in that best possible way. Heavy as shit, pure unadulterated sludge Metal.

Kurokuma (Sheffield)

A complete assault on the ear drums. They are loud, heavy and trippy as hell. A fuzzed up, down tuned, psychedelic pummelling of doom laden riff’s and immensely harsh screams and growls. Kurokuma are sure to wreck your mind.


A 4 piece who means business. Combining elements of Post-Metal, Doom and Hard Rock with slight textures of Psychedelia. They create a truly raw and original sound. Coming all the way from the north more northern than the north, Edinburgh, to show us their chops. You’d be a fool to miss them.


Corinth. A Post Metal band infusing a bit of adventure into their music, they ride horse back majestically over clouds of dirt and riff’s, let them take you on a journey.

Nomasta (Leeds)

Thrashy, Doom Laden, Melodic, Sexy. Those are Just a few word’s to describe these Leeds lads, a band with the ability to onslaught your lug’oles with fast intricate riffing whilst massaging your mind with melodic vocal sections and slow doomy meat.

Sick Tapestry (Dewsbury)

A tantalising mix of relentlessly heavy Sludge and Post Metal, infused with psychedelic ambience, a tonne of reverb and even hints of prog. This two piece create a sound that will confuse and delight you in only the best of ways.

Stupid Cosmonaut (Manchester)

A band straight out of this world. They travel through the cosmos to deliver some of the strangest noise’s and soundscapes known to our species. For the dronesters amongst us.

Caskalé (Dewsbury)

A band of only two. Gritty noise infused with death and despair. An onslaught of death metal riffs peppered with black metal atmosphere and sludgey groove.

Sound of Origin (Huddersfield)

Bringing the sounds of the desert to Dewsbury. Heavy Stoner and Sludge vibes with soaring lead vocals and thick guitar tones. Come and pay homage to the almighty riffs.

Helve (Leeds)

Pure unadulterated Post-Metal. A band with an innate ability to build some truly huge crescendo’s. As Ambient as they are aggressive, something well worth experiencing.

Gandalf the Green (Leeds)

Does exactly what it says on the tin. No bullshit, all out Stoner Doom. Old school, fuzzed up riff worship riddled with lord of the rings reference, what’s not to like?

They say is grim up north, They’re right. It’s especially grim in Dewsbury.. So what better place to showcase some of the finest talent the northern Metal scene has to offer? A haven for grim Music.
The Old Turk has been the central hub for the local Metal community for many years and has been frequented by many great northern Metal band’s such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Evile amongst many others and since a mass refurbishment The Turk is now shaping up to be one of the best Metal bars outside of Leeds. Also becoming 2016’s Yorkshire home for Bloodstocks Metal To The Masses, directly opposite the train station, only a two minute walk from the bus station and being well within a ten minute drive from Leeds, Huddersfield and Wakefield it’s no suprise people from all over the north are starting to venture to this hidden gem of a venue in what was thought to be a forgotten town! Oh, and the beer is also a lot cheaper here..

Direct train acces from Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester, York, Hull.
Buses from:
Leeds – 202, 203, 252, 254.
Huddersfield – 202, 203, 262
Wakefield – 126, 127, 212, 268A
Bradford – 253, 268, 268A



Admission: Free entry