Edinburgh Previews at Stalybridge Buffet Bar

3 May 2018, 20:00 - 3 May 2018, 21:30

Stalybridge Buffet Bar

Edinburgh Previews at Stalybridge Buffet Bar.

Resident comedian Nina Gilligan brings the best of the Fringe to the Buffet Bars comedy club ‘Platform 4 Laughs’

Nina Gilligan
Award Winning Comedian Nina Gilligan exploded on to the comedy scene in 2011 and is now a regular on the UK circuit performing at clubs and venues all over the UK. She was a finalist in English Comedian of the Year 2016.
Equally at home in a Theatre, Arts centre or Social club audiences warm to her instantly.
You can find her performing weekly – check out Nina Gilligan Comedian on Facebook or @highlandcow on Twitter for details of upcoming gigs
Sometimes outrageous, always hilarious, observational and Storytelling comedy for all. A persona you will fall in love with.
A bolshier Mrs Merton she’s not one to suffer fools lightly so watch out for a razor sharp wit used at will.
An act that will leave you breathless and shouting for more!
Slick. Polished with great writing.

2012 Finalist Real Radio XS Judged by BBC COMEDY North
2012 Semi Finalist Laughing Horse
2013 Finalist Hilarity Bites
2013 Winner Hot Water Comedian of the Year
2014 Finalist Breaking Acts Kill for a Seat
2015 Quarter Finalist Amused Moose
2016 Finalist in English Comedian of the year 2016
What they are saying:
“Nina Gilligan is a naturally funny comedian with a charming and genuinely likeable style”John Thomson
“Naturally funny, naturally talented: She’s too natural for a comic. Go and see her now before she becomes nature’s biggest comedian!”Pat Monahan
“A Great routine which was laugh out loud funny – definitely one to watch” Jo Jo Sutherland

Check her out at @highlandcow on twitter or FB Nina Gilligan Comedian

Tickets £5.00

Contact the bar for tickets – 0161 303 0007




Admission: £5 a ticket