Live Music – Metal 2 The Masses runner up round

27 May 2016, 18:00 - 27 May 2016, 23:00

The Old Turk

Metal to the Masses heat 5,

The 2nd place band from the previous heats will have 1 final chance to try make it to the final

4 great bands battle is out for a chance to play at BOA.
Come and vote for you favorite

World Chaos,
Inspired by their observations of the world around them, WORLD CHAOS have absolute disregard for the commercial mainstream music which is ever so pervasive in the music scene. Their lyrics cover a wide range of topics but tend to be within the protest and anti-establishment themes. Their motto says it all: MORE BALLS, LESS BOLLOCKS!

After The Departure
“If you are looking for something exciting, strap on those headphones and prepare yourself for what I have no doubt will be a top shelf, non stop, super hero of a band known simply as ” After The Departure”.”

The Hussars
Band from Leeds playing a melodic blend of Thrash and Death Metal.


Admission: Free Entry