Metal 2 The Masses Heat 1

29 January 2016, 19:00 - 30 January 2016, 2:00

The Old Turk

5 great bands battle is out for a chance to play at BOA.
Come and vote for you favourite

Mechanical Animal,
A three-piece fusion metal band from West Yorkshire in the UK. Drawing together a range of influences from death metal, jazz, dub, drum n bass

World Chaos,
Inspired by their observations of the world around them, WORLD CHAOS have absolute disregard for the commercial mainstream music which is ever so pervasive in the music scene. Their lyrics cover a wide range of topics but tend to be within the protest and anti-establishment themes. Their motto says it all: MORE BALLS, LESS BOLLOCKS!

Mixing aggressive Doom/Stoner Rock tendencies, a blast of pure rock attitude and sweet 70s twin guitar harmonies, all topped off with the groove of southern rock.

Inspired by violence and aggression, ShotsFired incorporate elements of heavy hardcore and deathcore to create a wall of hatred and metallic energy. Established in early 2014, ShotsFired have shared stages with bands such as Giants, Demoraliser, Wraiths and Lock and key etc. ahead of their debut EP release, ‘Warpath,’ released spring 2015.

Petrichor are a three piece blackened funeral doom band from Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Formed in 2015, their ambition is to make crushing funeral doom that rends the soul, with the aggressive edge of black metal and a hint of the atmospheric soundscapes of post rock.


Admission: Free