The Great Gig Together

16 June 2017, 20:00 - 17 June 2017, 0:01

The Old Turk

We Shall Overcome” Dewsbury/Batley have put together a gig as part of “The Great Get Together” to mark the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox MP who inspired many of us when she said we have more in common than the things that divide us. It’s not a party political event but it IS a celebration of the wonderful mix of people we’re proud to call our friends. It’s just one of many other events taking place across the country.
In the spirit of “We Shall Overcome”, we’re also looking to make something good of it by asking people to donate food and sanitary products for the local food banks after we read that girls are skipping school because they can’t afford the basics.
We have the support of The Old Turk who are helping us stage it on Friday 16 June. We have some music that will bring us all together.
Eric The Viaduct. Chris “The Man in the Hat” Martin, Zapiain, Jasmine Kennedy, spoken word from Simon Widdop. Clive Garrett on the decks. It’s a party for all of us who have #moreincommon Who’s up for it?


Admission: Free entry