Vinnum Sabbathi/Kurokuma/Sick Tapestry/Gandalf The Green

15 July 2017, 19:30 - 15 July 2017, 22:30

The Old Turk

Vinnum Sabbathi will be making the trip over the pond all the way from Mexico to bring you their fuzzed up, cosmic brand of doom and gloom.

The band have been making wave after wave amongst heavy music fans and with their first full length release ‘Gravity Works’ through LSDR Records Aim Down Sight Records and South American Sludge Records, it’s easy to see why. Come down and trip out at this sure to be intimate show in Dewsbury’s The Old Turk and bang your head to the astral sludge.

“That is to say, Gravity Works sounds completely fucking elephantine. Listen to basically everything after “Weightlessness” (also the shortest cut at 5:22) introduces the sprawl, whether it’s “Early Works,” “Gravity Waves,” “Loop Quantum Gravity” or closer “The Probe B,” and you’ll experience chest-compressing tonal heft of a suitably high order. But Vinnum Sabbathi‘s first long-player has its atmospheric aspects as well, and whether that’s the stretch of subdued-but-tense guitar that opens “Early Works” or the midsection sample break in “Loop Quantum Gravity,” that side is just as integral in the overall execution as the lurching thud of “Gravity Waves.”” – The Obelisk

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Kurokuma (Sheffield)
A complete assault on the ear drums. They are loud, heavy and trippy as hell. A fuzzed up, down tuned, psychedelic pummelling of doom laden riff’s and immensely harsh screams and growls. Kurokuma are sure to wreck your mind.

Sick Tapestry (Dewsbury)
A tantalising mix of relentlessly heavy Sludge and Post Metal, infused with psychedelic ambience, a tonne of reverb and even hints of prog. This two piece create a sound that will confuse and delight you in only the best of ways.

Gandalf the Green (Leeds)
Does exactly what it says on the tin. No bullshit, all out Stoner Doom. Old school, fuzzed up riff worship riddled with lord of the rings reference, what’s not to like?


Admission: Free Entry