Sarah Barnes (SB)

Director/Co-Founder of Beerhouses

Sarah started working as a glass collector at the West Riding in 1994 when the pub opened and has done every job role in the West since. As we grew and one pub became more she, alongside Mike Field, formed beerhouses of which Sarah is a director. She likes nothing better than drinking tea, climbing mountains and growing her own food. Tea is her beverage of choice however she has been known to have the odd IPA or tequila every now and again.

Barry Shaw (Bazza)

Operations Manager

Barry has worked in the pub trade since childhood, if not before. Joining Beerhouses in 2014 as Operations Manager, a varied role which covers all sorts of stuff. Barry has no hobbies apart from saying No to things and drinking beer but he always adheres to the limits as advised by the chief medical officer. No pictures of him exist so we’ve had to use a screenshot of his appearance on BBC’s Look North.

Clare Cleverly (Kipper)

Office Manager

Clare runs the office here at Beerhouses and everything else head office related. She rejoined the company in 2014 having worked in the West Riding office previously. Kipper loves spending time with her family and is also a keen Huddersfield Town fan. Shy & retiring she likes nothing more than a game of Yahtzee with a relaxing glass of wine.

Joanne Gittins (Jo)

HR Specialist

Jo looks after everything HR related (and much more) for us at Beerhouses and has done for some time now. Calm, level headed and is often a voice of reason when she’s not sat on the fence playing Devil’s Advocate. She tells us (often) that she once completed the London Marathon and is an actual non-drinker, only supping corporation pop. Many would say someone with a penchant for GDPR, likes running and only drinks water could be a little ‘dry’ but not us, our Jo is anything but.