Here at Beerhouses we take the health & safety of our staff and customers very seriously. Whilst it is currently business as usual we are taking on board all government advice and monitoring the ever-changing situation closely. Just to let you know some of what we are doing.

  • We have increased the number of times we clean all areas and will continue to clean all surfaces, doors, rails, chairs and public areas as often as is possible.
  • All our staff will continue to wash their hands at regular intervals using sanitiser and following the handwashing guidelines. We always do this but as per advice we will do it more often.
  • We have re-enforced to our staff our regular policies to ensure transfer risk is reduced – such as we always operate clean glass policy and our staff will never touch the top third of the glasses.
  • We are ensuring enough soap / sanitiser is available for customers & staff so that proper and thorough handwashing can take place.
  • All our staff members have been instructed on the government guidelines & advice and that they should follow this in both regards minimising risk & how to act should symptoms occur.
  • We will continue to monitor & follow any government, NHS or Public Health England advice & guidelines.

We feel pubs are vital to the communities and can provide both relief and a vital service in times such as this so please continue to support local pubs & business wherever you can. However also please be mindful to others and please ensure you are doing all you can. You could also help reduce the risks to other customers and staff by doing the following where possible:

  • Washing hands regularly as per the advice, wash for more than 20 seconds more often with soap and hot water.
  • Bring back your own glasses to the bar so as to minimise the number of people that may touch them.
  • Consider using contactless payment where possible as this also reduces physical interactions.
  • Please take with you and dispose of any rubbish that you may create such as tissues
  • And finally please continue to support pubs, independent business whilst remaining safe and respectful to others.

Your business, co-operation & understanding is very much appreciated during these very difficult times.

Many Thanks

Team Beerhouses