A great time was had by all at our Beer and Food Pairing evening last week.

In recognition of International Women’s Day we had Annabel Smith, who was one of the first women to qualify as a UK beer sommelier’, come along to Idle Beerhouse to talk beer!  We sampled 6 beers and paired them with different food types. Annabel talked about colours, flavours and style and much much more!

1. Erdinger Weisse Beer with Chicken Satay and sweet chilli sauce
2. Budweiser Budwar with Chorizo
3. Brass Castle Sunshine IPA with Chilli Nachos and Salsa
4. Heartless Chocolate Stout with Stilton
5. Rochefort 10 with Taw Valley Mature Vintage Cheddar
6. Liefman’s Kriek with Chocolate Brownies



Thank you Annabel for such an enjoyable session and thank you to everyone who came along to it.


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