Beerhouses – Preparing for Trading

Hello all, just to fill you in on some of the things we have being doing in readiness for reopening our business after the COVID-19 lockdown. These steps have/are being taken to ensure that we have taken every precaution to protect our staff, our customers, our suppliers and anyone else we may come into contact with as we start to reopen our business.

With regards staff – just some of what we have been doing includes

We have surveyed all our staff to collate information, understand their worries or concerns and to gather feedback on how they feel and what we could be doing for them, currently over 85% of staff completed our survey.

We have created and trained out to all staff a COVID-19 workbook that includes our new and updated policies and requirements on cleaning, keeping safe, safe distancing and safe ways of working.

We have created a risk assessment that understands the staff needs to reduce the risks. This has been shared with all our staff and will be available to view on our website prior to opening

All managers have had mental health awareness training and we have created a simple mental health pack with links to guidance and advice that is available to all our staff. Some of our team have also have completed the Mental Health First Aid course via the very wonderful Licensed Trade Charity

With Regards Customers – just some of what we have been doing includes

We surveyed our customers via social media and received over 700 responses which has tailored our thinking and decision making towards our offer whilst understanding the needs of the anxious, nervous & vulnerable.

We have fully risk assessed our pubs and in line with government guidance have created a plan and our own Guidance for Customers (aka The Rules) to try and ensure safe reopening. These will be available to view on our website prior to opening.

We have fully deep cleaned all areas in our pubs and will have increased sanitation / cleaning options for customers and clear defined cleaning procedures for each of our areas.

We have ensured, wherever possible, that seating areas are socially distant as per guidelines both inside and out, we intend to have an ordering app, will encourage use of contactless or app payment and will be doing table service

Plus loads more….

Also may we take this time to say that we are a small independent group. We have a fantastic team of skilled, dedicated and loyal staff who are doing their very best in very difficult circumstances. We don’t have millions to help us through this situation and are learning as we go, so please can we ask you to remember this. If we make a mistake or something doesn’t appear to be working please let us know so we can fix it before you social media or review site it, we are as new to this as you.

Please can you also try and remember that we are publicans and bar staff rather than experts in virus control. We are following the guidelines as set out to us by the government so please don’t get frustrated if your understanding of households, groups and bubbles is different to ours. The decisions we have made on groups, bookings and size is based on our understanding of the advice so please be patient with us, we are doing all we can at this time to ensure a safe return to ending restrictions whilst controlling the risks of spreading COVID-19.

We hope to announce our opening plans later today (26th June) see please keep an eye out for these

Many Thanks – Team Beerhouses / e: / Find us on Socials @ beerhousespubs


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